» Corporate Appearance Consulting

CMI, Inc. offers the following services to businesses and corporations:

Staff Consultation
Personal consultations for each employee are designed to strengthen professional image. Consultations are comprehensive and include:

  • Color Analysis and CommunicationMakeup & Skin Care
  • Hairstyle
  • Professional Face for Women & Men
  • Eyewear Education and Recommendations
  • Personal Wardrobe Design & personal shopping
  • Body Communication

These unique and extensive sessions will assure that your employee’s image lives up to the company’s image.

On-staff Image Consultant
We can assist you and your employees on a regular basis through personal consultations at the office site. New and experienced employees have on-going questions and needs concerning their professional appearance. When you give your staff the opportunity to continually have this service available, their confidence—and your profits—will increase.

Seminars, Lectures & Workshops
Sessions are designed to meet your business needs and can be done with hourly, half-day, or full-day sessions.

Corporate Gift Program
All of our services can be given as a personal gift through a Gift Certificate or nicely wrapped present. This program not only benefits the recipient of the gift but the bearer also!

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