Post-Surgical Appearance Therapy is designed to correct skin disfigurements or discolorations whether they are of accidental, dermatological, surgical or congenital origin. This is especially effective in minimizing post surgical conditions, either aesthetic or medical. Appearance Consulting is a process of creating normalcy for individuals affected with skin discolorations and/or disfigurement as a result of accidental traumas, elective surgery, or disease. The role of the Appearance Therapist is to recognize the emotional and pychological needs of individuals so affected and to provide these clients with specialized techniques and methods which will normalize, or at the very least, minimize the condition, thereby enhancing the individual’s self image, self-esteem and social acceptance.

The services that Color My Image offers include:

Paramedical camouflage to restore traumatized skin
Paramedical camouflage to restore skin texture and color
Corrective cosmetic application
Paramedical camouflage to hide bruising for post laser surgery
Paramedical camouflage to hide bruising for post surgical patients
Paramedical camouflage to help burn survivors minimize and correct facial and body imperfections
Camouflage vitiligo, port wine stains, scars, and skin defects
Hairstyle suggestions for recovery process and beyond
Wardrobe/color suggestions to flatter body silhouette
Skin care education for pre-op and post-op

Our Appearance Therapy services offer the ability to heal and conceal, while providing a psychological support and understanding of the patient’s sensitivities throughout recovery. Contact us for more information.

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