At Color My Image, you can select from any or all of the below services, or we can create a custom consulting package blended to suit your specific needs.

Color Communication
Color communication is a recognized tactic for achieving success in business or personal lifestyles. Color has an undeniable ability to alter the appearance of your face—and thereby your impact in others. With this simple element, you can create a fresh, vibrant radiance that minimizes discoloration and the signs of aging and tiredness. Because individual response to color is completely unique, we never use predetermined categories. Using over 100 different color drapings, we can identify precise intensities of colors that you can wear successfully close to your face. Only at CMI are you taught to wear virtually any color in clothing, accessories, hair color, and makeup. All of these factors work together to give you that successful image. Each session includes a free personalized wallet-size portfolio containing your successful colors, instructions, and recommendations.

Makeup and Skin Care Analysis
This unique service takes "YOU" into account as an individual. Properly applied makeup is determined by three factors: the amount, the colors, and the condition of the skin itself. All are vital to achieving a natural and professional look. Most women have made costly mistakes in purchasing their cosmetics: never again will you have to throw makeup away. We select the colors, application methods and techniques that create your own personalized, professional,  and natural look while harmonizing them with clothing colors. 

We also instruct women, men and young adults on skin-care techniques. CMI carries it’s own exclusive line of skin care and color cosmetics: years of experience went into formulating products to meet the needs and demands of our clientele. Through the expertise of our consultants, our cosmetics have been very successful throughout the U.S., and highly recommended by women who have had cosmetic surgery, by professional athletes, film media, for young adults developing their own individuality and women in all lifestyles.

Hairstyle Consults
After a comprehensive analysis of your facial shape, hair texture, lifestyle, natural coloring, and silhouette, we recommend a new style entirely for you. Our written recommendations are accompanied by instructions and a photocopy of the selected styles.  We also have a selection of Stylists for recommendation and referral.  

Eyewear Consults
Before making costly mistakes in purchasing new eyewear, let us advise and educate you on the vital role eyewear plays in your image. In determining the best shape and color for you, we consider facial shape, facial features, wardrobe colors, and lifestyle. A large selection of frames are available for you to try or we will go to your favorite salon (or one recommended by us) and guide you in your selection with a gift of discount toward your purchase.

Personal Wardrobe Design
Your clothing is the vocabulary that talks for you. But the ability to develop your own individual style in not innate for most people. Through our wardrobe consultation, we teach you: how to wear the proper fashion lines for your silhouette and according to your personal lifestyle; clothing versatility with accessories; proper style and color for any occasion. You can learn how to make your wardrobe work for you and begin or continue to nurture and develop your own personal Image.

Closet Evaluation: Together with a professional, your existing wardrobe will be analyzed to maximize wear-ability. Shop your closet to create a future plan to avoid costly mistakes.

Personal Shopping: A shopping service experience utilizing ideal resources for your needs. Shop with a professional or have a professional shop for you. Tailors and dressmakers available.

Paramedical Aesthetics
See Post Surgical Appearance Consulting (Aesthetic or Medical) (hyperlink to this page)

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Skin Care

Vitamin C Serum